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i live to do.

Like most multi-potentialites, my work is defined through curiosity while my drive is impassioned through growth.


My career traces a path like a connect-the-dots game, you can follow the lines between a Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Liberal Arts into a fifteen-year career as a gifted and talented educator.

I’ve given up saying no to ideas, so when my daughter was born, I didn’t hesitate when I started playing with the camera. Eight years later, I’m traveling around Texas as a leading photographer for cool kids and dope families.

When my daughter turned three, she wanted to be a ballerina. When she began to look around to find role models that looked like her, we realized there were few around. Curiosity peaked again, and I picked up my camera and started searching for what I knew had to be the many incredible dancers of color across the country. 2017 celebrates the third year of the non-profit Brown Girls Do ™, our solution to this need, with dozens of scholarships for classes and intensives awarded thus far, and a growing ambassador program with exemplary, talented women developing a tight-knit community through mentorship and leadership programming.

Like my daughter, my son moved me when he was born. I knew that raising a well-informed and active family was necessary. Curious about how to better engage with politics, while being increasingly inspired by my students’ and children’s ability to grow through interactive knowledge, we launched the Frogressive Party. A movement that both educates as much as it entertains through a light-hearted and playful approach.

Built through dynamic experience, my company 86 Consulting is the result of matching this desire to action through coaching and strategy services. As a teacher who didn’t want to let go of her day dream, my work with two blossoming movements that celebrate the beauty of diversity has led my desire to match people with their passions that better their community.