86 Consulting


What's 86?

86 is a tribal meeting. it's a place where you feel safe to share, to experiment, to grow.
it's a place you begin through collaboration. it's how you start to raise an idea into reality.


Have ideas you want to bounce off someone you can trust? Want to know how to get a far-fetched idea off the ground? Can't get your pen to make that first mark on the page?

I'm your girl.



Stuck on an idea, paralyzed from a problem, maxed out on your bandwidth? Any stage of making your passion project a reality can be challenging. Book a tune-up or regular meetings.

Sporadic Tune-Up Sessions: $50 for one hour sessions

Weekly-Monthly Scheduled Sessions: $75 for two hour sessions


Ready to make the first steps of that dream you've been dawdling on? Creating the foundation and outline of your work will give you the guidelines that your drive needs to match idea to action.

Full Project Outlining, 3 Sessions: $500


Staying structured while you balance work and life can be a hassle. Strategize the habits you need to move your passions and projects forward. 

Full Strategy Development: $400

Weekly-Monthly Scheduled Sessions: $75 for two hour sessions

have an idea? let me know.

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